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  1. Exclamation How to optimize post title

    Can anyone say the way to optmize posts titles.I want show the title of the post on search engines.
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    You can use targeted keyword in title of the post and should be descriptive enough so that people can come to know about what the post is. In short keyword and short description will suffice.
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    you can use h1, h2, h3 tag on your post title & also place your targeted keywords on it or it will be more better if you make title by using long tail keywords.
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    Using targeted keywords in the post is the best way to optimize post title. Besides it, post title should be descriptive, unique and represent the story under it.
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    Correct and appropriate use of post title will help you to attract more visitors to read your content. So make sure that your post title should contain your targeted keywords with unique and descriptive content. Try to make your post title exciting so people will attract to read it.
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    But which blog are you use, Blogspot or WordPress?? If you using WordPress for your blog then you can install plug-in like "All in SEO Pack" it will help you to create Metas for each post for SEO point of views.
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    Make sure to include your main keyword in your title page, including in the html and also you must mention it in your short description but don't make it spammy.
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    1. don't write more than 60 characters
    2. Use main keyword but don't use variation of same keyword twice in title, add only once because Googlebot looks for keyword density in title
    3. If your website is in wordpress then use "SEO Yoast" plugin, it will guide you more
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    Keep all of your page titles different and unique. Why? The example I like to use is this. Imagine having a great author who has written many books, but all of them have the same titles…would you read all the books to ensure they are indeed different or just assume they’re all the same? Now apply that to search engines.
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  10. All the web page title shoule be different than others page titles because it helps to optimize title & don't write more than 60 characters & keep in mind to use Use main keyword in title !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Indiandeck View Post
    yor title targeted the keyword and it should not more than 256 character in length......
    Title with 256 characters is i think too much. And it should include your keywords but it should not only target your keywords
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    Title tag should be 164 chars as Google displays 166 chars in SERP, if title is long enough then remaining chars won't be shown. Title should also contain targeted keyword.
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