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    * Outgoing Spam Filtering

    Junk Email Filter is offering a new service. Outbound spam filtering.

    If you're tired of being blacklisted because one of your user's email accounts was hacked and someone sent out a million phishing spams from your server then this is what you might need to control it.

    We have developed a highly effective outbound spam filtering system based on behavior rather than message content so false positives are near zero. We monitor the rate of email flow and if users are sending just a few emails, they aren't spam. Spammers always send a lot of emails. We also track the number of bad and rejected recipients because spammers usually have bad email lists.

    And - if we fail to block your outbound spam then it's us who gets blacklisted - not you. So we are strongly motivated to make sure spammers fail.

    We are offering a free trial till June 1st for anyone interested in trying the service out. Send me an email if you are interested.
    Marc Perkel
    [email protected]

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    Is demo available?

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    That's great news. Hope to try it sometimes
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    Sounds like a great product. Waiting for reviews and updates
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