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    Unhappy ads no paypal option (googleadwords)

    okay, i was trying to put ads with google adwaords and i dont see a paypal payment option, i dont feel safe.

    can anyone suggest me a advertsiment like googleadwords that accepts paypal?

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    You don't feel safe with Google? Why is that?

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    Do you realize how many people use Adwords everyday? I think you'll be fine...

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    loook at utube abnd look for googleadsense sucks

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    okay nvm can someone help me. i have re-siazed my banner to the requdest banner size of google adwords
    but when it upload it says too big please help me

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    Never used adwords but at a guess, perhaps there's a file size limit in addition to the physical size?

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    If you don't feel safe unless you're using paypal, you're doing it wrong.

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