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    Paypal API - WHMCS problem

    Hi everyone.

    I have WHMCS set up on my server, the problem is that for the invoicing system I prefer to have my own software on my desktop.

    I have an accounting software called NCH express account, unfortunately their support is not helping that much for this problem.

    The software ask for a gateurl which apparently should be this:
    API Username
    API Password

    I have all of them.

    Now when I enter these details in my accounting software It says that thegateway is not configured properly.

    Now the reason I am adding this threa in the forum is not for the accounting software troubleshooting but the actual understanding of their PAYPAL API.

    If I understand the things correctly, by setting up the Paypal API in both the WHMCS panel and my accounting software, invoices should be generated at the same time in both software.

    Could it be that my local router is blocking the API post back from Paypal???

    Any idea please?

    Thank you,


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    You are 100% misunderstanding how the WHMCS PayPal module works. It does *NOT* generate PayPal invoices nor does it send information to PayPal for it to share with your other accounting software.

    All the PayPal plugin for WHMCS does, is allow you to accept payments (to your invoices in WHMCS) via PayPal and to create subscription payments (i.e. recurring payments).
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