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    Post content that people are interested in reading is the often-told advice on this- but it seems obvious.

    We found that offering competitions with giveaway prizes, discounts, free ebooks or whatever, has worked quite well. As with all things it's about fitting your offering to the market. You need to be promoting the facebook page outside of FB and assume most visitors have a FB account.

    If you're starting from zero, it's best to try and offer content that is more general (as general as you can get without failing your primary message) and then overtime as friends of friends of friends begin to like the page, you can narrow your content and try to hit the market directly. It's definitely not easy and I would not advise trying any "service" which promises a certain number of likes for a price. It'll do your business better to grow legitimately.
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    When you sell your products to customers, or advertise, make sure to promote your facebook page as well. Include it in the ad, or whatever.

    Get the word out.
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    Follow these tips for increase facebook likes...

    Put that code in your site or blog
    Participate in some popular video site and make some funny videos
    Participate other social media sites
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    Create a facebook fan page and promote this page by placing Ads on facebook or share in across your friend list then so on it will be pass on to friends of friends etc. Thus, you will get many likes.
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    I notice comments and statements about how Facebook can suspend you for using accounts for promotions etc. I do not know what to think of this because if you watch tv, some of the biggest companies do this all the time. You see commercials advertising these things daily.
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    Put a big facebook widget on your homepage
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    Some-one can offer you facebook likes in bulk quantity. But those all likes will come from fake profiles. So if you want to get relevant and original likes then you have to keep patience. And keep updating your fan page. Follow this way and keep patience you will definitely got likes..
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    The best way to make sense for your social pages - is to help people to resolve their issues and never try to sell something. People hate sellers.

    Just do provide great content (it can be off topic) that really awesome. People will like it.
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    Make your page interesting with good posts , then you can spend few hrs in searching some related pages and ask them to exchange likes with you.Also you can check similar pages and make a list from their fans and try to add them 1st as friends then suggest your page to them ( I don`t know if it`s legal , but I know a lot of guys are doing that! ).
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    You should have to optimize your business profile very descriptive and attractive.Increase you business network and join more relevant groups. Share the video and fresh content information.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Acer View Post
    Hi,friends how can we get more likes and Hits on Facebook page ?
    To build a successful social media presence on Facebook, first ask yourself the following questions.

    1) Why do you want a Facebook page? Is it because everyone has a Facebook page?

    2) How do you measure ROI/success of your page?

    If your aim is to just gather as many "Likes" as possible, what will you do once you have accumulated say 10,000 fans? How do you plan to engage them so that these fans become brand loyalists and subsequent advocates of your brand?

    Having a Facebook page for your brand is to "Humanize" your brand allowing people to reach out to you, give you feedback on your products and services, etc. And with Timeline, it would be good to share key milestones and events in the company/brand's history. Facebook is just a tool for brands/companies to be " Social". Use it to engage, communicate, reach out and listen to your clients, NOT just primarily as a marketing tool.

    Check out this excellent article that has some case studies on how some brands have developed a successful social media presence on Facebook:
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    Now the question is how to get more likes/pluses and visits of that Facebook or Googl+ Fan page?
    For this you need to manage a unique attrective Facebook or Goolge+ page.
    If you are a service provider must add some free services contests on you Fan page and if you are product category related then display some free gifts contests images on your Fan Page and promote it on your website.
    You can also integrate your Fan Page with your website and get likes through a simple click of your website visiter.
    Promote your Fan Page through friends. Send gift invitation emails to your website subscriber and get visits on your Fan page.
    I hope it will help.

    Thank You,
    Daniel Fernandez
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  13. #28 is best website to get traffic easily.
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    Follow Ching Ya - she's one of the best experts on fb engagement. I follow her on twitter @wchingya.
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    If you have friends in thousands, just send them bulk invitations to join your fan page, or find the same topic related fan pages and go share your link their in the discussion, people will pay a visit to your page, and will join if they really liked it.. Always share such things in fan page, which are worth sharing....
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