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    lost between ServInt and WiredTree for VPS

    im moving to a new VPS, so i would like to know which is better according to ur experience. im lost. Thank you.

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    I've never used WT.....though they have a great reputation.
    I was with Servint back in 2009 and they do provide a great service....very professional indeed.

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    what about servint stability and uptime?

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    They both have a great reputation and should both be able to suit your needs.

    That said, WiredTree has made a few appearances in the outages section of the forum recently. I'd suggest you go read those threads to get an idea about how they handle any issues, as the true quality of a provider shines through when there are issues.

    I don't recall ever seeing ServInt in the outages section of WHT, although that doesn't mean they won't have one tomorrow.

    Search the forum and you'll find plenty of threads discussing each provider, and customer feedback.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eido View Post
    what about servint stability and uptime?
    Excellent....never had any issues whatsoever!

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    Flips a coin... ServINT
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    I was with ServINT years ago very good great company vety helpful if you need help with something but did you check into Linode? They are also very good but if you have to choose between the two defiantly ServINT their network is very good mix they have PCCW

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    I've had Servint for a couple months now for a test box and can't say anything bad about them. I wrote a little experience with them here...

    I've had recent CPU issues with them as they have an equal share policy. I've been given guaranteed 16 cores at 400mhz. Which is fine for most things. However it has gotten a little crowded that past couple days.

    Nothing they haven't been helpful with though, .

    Definitely a +1 for SerVint.

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    WiredTree certainly has a good reputation around the forum. However, if you'd go through a few recent threads, you'd notice that they have been facing random issues with a few clients.

    Such as downtimes, overloads etc etc. I am not looking to influence your decision, however, its a good to know info

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