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    * WiredTree 2 Year Review

    Dates - 04/28/2010 to 04/01/2012
    Over all - 8 / 10

    Package - V1024
    After like a year + with wiredtree they did upgrade everyone's resources to like 1.5 times what the original package was.

    First things first.
    I am a linux sys admin, and i run vps servers (vmware / xen / kvm) very similar to what wiredtree does.

    VPS Speed -
    Speeds were very consistent and very good for the few clients that were on this box (e-commence websites)

    But after 2 years, one day the box just started performing like crap.
    When you check your load, sar, munin, apache, mysql, everything and everything appears normal.
    Then you submit ticket asking them to check host node and they say
    "I just checked the hardware node you are on is not being over utilized."

    And then you have some back and forth from multiple techs (this ticket continued for a few days) saying the node is fine. (a few reboots too)
    When nothing on the box has changed. And before you were able to log into ssh / whm in under 5 seconds and most web pages loaded < 3 seconds.
    Then you get 30 + seconds to log into whm / root, and some web pages take 20 + seconds to load. Either 1 of 2 things happened.
    A. They put more clients on the host node and it got over loaded.
    B. They limited your resources (which i didn't use much of)

    Network -
    There were a few outages over the 2 years, but 99% is pretty good.
    Network always had good up and down speeds.

    Support -
    If your too busy with other things there support is nice and is very helpful.
    There support is fully managed so they can handle all your problems if you want them too. They also send out a follow up email after a few months of being with them to see how things are going.

    Price -
    $44.50 / Month (No Contract)
    $45 / month is great for 1.5 GB Ram / 150GB Raid10 / 4TB BW / 4IP / Cpanel

    Reason for cancel -
    Pour VPS Performance, i moved to a KVM node of mine in a data center

    Overall - Wiredtree is a good company, just hope you don't get stuck on a node with a resource abuser, or get your performance limited.

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    Sorry to hear that you did not have good luck with WT :/
    It's very easy for a hosting company to oversell their services and also it's very common to run into people that abuse servers.
    Hopefully you have found a new host that is meeting all your expectations?

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    Did you try test the Disk I/O during 'slow' periods?

    Most of the time I find this is the first bottleneck with VPS nodes.
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    Yes i tested I/O 50-60 MB / sec which is perfectly fine for a vps.
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    WiredTree has been one of the most reliable provider around for number of years. However, I do see a lot of "downtimes" and "server down" threads in Announcements forum at WHT. I am not sure if there haws been any change in their hierarchy but it seems like they do have a lot to work on.

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    Im sorry to here you have a had a few resource issues recently. I see you have already canceled but I would be happy to look into your specific issue if you are willing to post your ticket ID or PM it to me.

    A. They put more clients on the host node and it got over loaded.
    B. They limited your resources (which i didn't use much of)
    I wanted to make sure you heard it form me that if you have been here for 2 years, there have not been additional containers added to your node for nearly two years. We may replace someone if they upgrade to a different platform or move out but we never continue to pack clients on as time continues. Likewise, your resources are guaranteed and we have not added unmentioned throttling.

    Once I have your ticket ID, I will be able to look further into this and bring you some answers.

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