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    Nexpoint Down ?

    Is anybody else having problems with Nexpoint? Our server is down and we can't even reach to put in a ticket.

    They don't seem to even have telephone support from 9 PM to 8 AM.

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    yup, same problem here.

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    nexpoint service down?

    been having issues with our website for about 5+hrs at this point. Tracert indicates trouble at the same spot as a fellow mentioned on a 2009 downtime thread (, and as per some of the more recent threads both their phone service and emails seem to be out. Any news on whereabouts of this?

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    I am wondering the same thing

    No phone number, no response to my support ticket. This is crushing my business right now. No phone number even when I did a whois search. Frustrating.

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    I am trying their local number -
    Nexpoint Technologies Incorporated

    * (540) 442-9499

    310 Neff Ave, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

    But no answer...

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    follow up

    So, my website was down yesterday from about 8 AM until about 11 PM, then up overnight from 11 PM yesterday until about 6 or 7 AM today. It is down again now.

    I have called, sent emails, and opened tickets on their support page online. If anyone can help me get in touch with nexpoint that would be awesome!

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    Nexpoint worst ever

    I too have a similar problem.. Actually I am trying to change hosts from NexPoint to HostGator (which is awesome by the way 24/7 tech support by phone/live chat). But the problem is when I tried to change my domain name to the HostGato. They said that they needed permission from the company that my domain is registered with (which HostGator indicated it was not Nexpoint) I called the company to change my domain to point to HostGator and they said that NextPoint doesn't have me as the owner of my own domain that I would have to contact Nexpoint so Nexpoint can update the account and have me as the owner.. but the problem is that I cannot get a hold of Nexpoint...I too tried email, ticket support, faxes, letters, I might even show up in their office one of this days.. It was suggested also that I could report abuse of my domain and that will shut down my site and prompt Nexpoint to call them up and update the account to list me as the owner of my domain.. but the way things have been going... I am afraid that I will just end up with my website shutdown indefinitely... Anyone has any suggestion..

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    nexpoint problems

    I am in the same boat as you guys - after learning that Nexpoint is basically out of business I am moving to Host Gator - which I love as well by the way. The problem is Nexpoint controls the DNS settings and it is in their name. Nexpoint is not responding to any e-mails and the phones are off - these guys have checked out. How do I re-gain control of my URL? Can anyone recommend a lawyer to hire that specializes in these cases?

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    No email... any help??

    I'm having similar problems as have been reported. My email service with Nexpoint is down. I'll transfer my domain, but they're listed as the admin contact.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to transfer away from Nexpoint, if in fact they are out of business?

    This isn't good.

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    Angry Nexpoint office in NJ is close

    Wow! I see I'm not the only one. I'm having the same problem.
    Unable to access my emails and my website is down for the last week. After many calls ( all the #'s are disconnected)open tickets and emails without answers. I decide to go in person to their office in 777 Terrace Ave,NJ and to my surprise is EMPTY! A woman on the next office told me that they move to Englewood,NJ but she didn't know where exactly. This doesn't look good! Please let me know if anybody have more info. I'm loosing a lot of business!!!

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    Transfering your website to a new host

    You'll all need to contact who is the actual registrar that Nexpoint uses to register domain names. Explain to them that Nexpoint disappeared and you'd like to take ownership of your domain name(s). If you have your FTP details then you should be able to transfer your website to a new host. But if you're like me and have a MSSQL database then there's no way to transfer the database unless you hire someone to write a script using your connection string within your website to create a MySQL database and then you can transfer that over.

    If anyone starts a class action law suit, please let me know here. Nexpoint could have at least warned us they were going out of business and they just left us hanging. Good luck everyone.

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    I's sure like to be able to download my latest page updates, but that's not possible without access to the server. Any ideas? (The nexpoint main page is now a "for sale" sign ...

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    f100rob - You're going to the wrong nexpoint, probably The nexpoint hosting company is at and it's still up and running but there appears to be no one managing it. I have four websites with them, one on a shared windows server and three on a windows VPS server, and they're all still working. I'm not having any trouble connecting by FTP to either server. Is your website still up? If it is then you should be able to connect by FTP and download your website. Try intalling "filezilla" a free FTP program but you'll need to know your FTP login and password. I wouldn't recommend uploading any updates to your website because you should be looking for a new hosting company at this point in my opinion.

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    Nexpoint -

    I have had a dedicated server with nexpoint for about 7 yrs. Up until the end of May everything was fine, then on Jun 5 the server went down.
    Despite repeated attempts by email, support tickets, telephone (disabled), and even fax, the server is still down.

    We even paid for a back up service to another server, but even that is down now. So I have all my staff manually restoring databases.

    We have lost 10s of thousands of dollars in this time.

    The worst thing is that we asked nexpoint to register domains from us and I have just got off the phone with and they are waiting for legal analysis from ICANN before doing anything. They are aware of the issue, but they have their hands tied as nexpoint registered themselves as the owners of the domains.

    According to nexpoint has told them that they are still in business, and have a backlog of emails.

    This is really screwing with my head.

    Moral of the story is to register the domain directly with register. A mistake I won't make again.

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    Here's what needs to be done to get your domain name back. You must file a complaint with ICANN ( You can go to their webpage here: and scroll down to where it says "click here to fill in the complaint form" or you can go directly to the complaint form at this webpage here:

    We need to all complain about this so that ICANN will force to transfer ownership of our domains back to us. Without ICANN's accreditation, would not be in business registering domain names so ICANN is the final authority we need to complain to.

    Kegger - You're right about always registering a domain name directly with an accredited registrar. I remember asking Nexpoint years ago about why they were listed as the owner of my domain name on the whois search and they told me I was still the owner but they do that just to protect our privacy. said that was not true because that's not the proper way to do an anonymous domain name registration. So there was deception on the part of Nexpoint that I didn't understand until now. Nexpoint is basically holding our domain names hostage and forcing us to stay with their webhosting service which is terrible right now.

    Again, if anyone starts a class action law suit, please let me know here. Nexpoint could have at least warned us they were going out of business and they just left us hanging. Good luck everyone.

    LaLes - The latest invoice I see from Nexpoint shows their address as:
    492-C Cedar Lane #304
    Teaneck, NJ 07666

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    Thanks Mike,
    Have complained to ICANN.

    I'm all for a law suit as this has really screwed us, just after we have got back on our feet after the Tsunami and Nuclear situation (we are in Japan).

    I've decided to register similar domain names to what I have, just so we get our presence back online, as this dispute with nexpoint/ may take some time to resolve.

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    I have been doing business with nexpoint for 14 years. I understand they were bought 6-8 months ago. Since then it has been a disaster.
    They stopped phone support (and soon after any support). The address 492 Cedar Lane, #304 Teaneck NJ 07666 is a post office box service. I have a dozen sites with them (most not working). I have back-ups but most are data driven and I use their MS SQL servers. I have moved some of the HTML sites, but the business sites can not be moved until I have access and of course the emails are down. I get the same response to each ticket "We apologizes for delay in response. Our concern department will update you ASAP. Meanwhile your patience is appreciated. Regards, Adam". I have dedicated servers with them that are working and would set up the asp site on then (they are windows servers) but I can not get a reply (phone or email) from anyone. I did get an email to say my credit card was charged for it's monthly dedicated servers. I would like to be involved with (what looks like) a class action suit. --Tired of typing--

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    One guy at told me it would allow them to transfer my domain name to me but it takes 14 to 21 days to process. However, another guy at said it probably wouldn't help because when they receive it from me they will forward it to Nexpoint and unless Nexpoint signs something to allow the transfer, won't change the ownership anyway. It costs $25 to submit and requires a notary public signature before mailing it which is usually about $10. I'm working on getting this done now.

    Have you heard anything back from I filed the udrp complaint form but I haven't heard back from them. I'm going to email them also at

    Don Raggio - I suggest you go to and change your billing information to prevent Nexpoint from charging your credit card any more.

    I'll let you guys know what my lawyer says.

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    Mike - I've got a copy of that, looks like a lot of work, esp as we are in Japan and prob have to get all the forms translated.

    I have not heard back from ICANN, but sent another request in.

    For some reason our server came back online overnight, so have ftp most site off the server, but can access rdp, so having problems getting the mssql database I need.

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    Kegger - Man I feel bad for you. I'm a programmer but I still had to hire a programmer who is familiar with my database structure to create a backup copy of my MSSQL database into a MySQL database. He uploaded his script onto my Virtual Private Server and was successful. I don't know if he can help you but I've never met anyone more knowledgable and affordable than Phil at

    You probably already know this but the problem with running your websites under new names is that you'll lose all of you search engine rankings. I thought about buying a new name and running my website copy on the new hosting server, and I could add 301 redirects on all of my webpages on the old Nexpoint hosted site, but there's one big problem - a key factor to search engine rankings is the age of the domain name. If you start with a new name then all of the search engines will treat your website like a brand new website and it'll take a while to even be found other than by advertising.

    My lawyer suggested writing a letter to Nexpoint demanding that they unlock the domain and send me the transfer code. Sometimes people respond better when they're contacted by an attorney. Good luck to you and everyone.

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    Thank you everyone for sharing this very useful information. I'm fortunate that I had not yet set up my website, so only my e-mail was impacted. Still, even if Nexpoint is up and running under new ownership (I was pleasantly surprised when my e-mail was working this morning)the service over the past six months has been unacceptable and I'm in the process of applying to ICANN to transfer my domain.

    Good luck!

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    Nexpoint down?

    Last email I received was yesterday at 10:29 pm CST. No emails since then from the nexoint hosted email service. This is the contact information I got from the web, but no resolution from the support ticket. phones don't get answered at all.

    XIBI Group - DBA Nexpoint Web Hosting.
    492 Cedar Lane, #304
    Teaneck NJ 07666

    phone: 1.201.654.6130 (xx NO REPLY TO THIS PHONE EITHER)

    It will be quite a hassel to switch.

    Does anyone know for sure what happened? Are they just gone?

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    The last regular email I received had a time stamp around 7:30 am this morning. Throughout the afternoon I've been sending test messages from a backup Yahoo email account but each time I did I received a failure notice a few seconds later with the following info:

    No MX or A records for (domain_name_here)

    I can still access the web server via Thunderbird or a web browser window, the email server just can't receive new stuff. I did get one email about an hour ago (spam, of course) but when I tried to send to it myself a few minutes ago I got another failure notice from Yahoo.

    This afternoon I opened 2 service tickets with Nexpoint (one service ticket was for the email problem) and I did receive 2 automated email notices from them via my domain's email account so it looks like their system is still able to deliver emails within the system. My main web domain was due for renewal yesterday so I don't know if this current issue is a Nexpoint outage or due to a late renewal (will know more within the next day or two). Right now I'm assuming it's due to a late renewal since my other domain is not having any problems (that I know of).

    Speaking of service tickets one of the tickets I opened was about a weird IP address issue I was experiencing this evening. If I tried to access my web site with a www at the beginning of the name the browser could not find the domain. But if I left the www off I had no problem with the web site. I did a couple of ping and tracert commands in a DOS window with and without the www and it showed 2 different IP addresses.

    About an hour after I opened the service ticket with Nexpoint about the problem I thought I would call (they are listed as the registrar according to and see if there was anything they could tell me. After I explained the problem to the tech at he had to put me on hold as he couldn't even access the main domain. While on hold I was disconnected. About 20 minutes later I discovered the problem was solved. A ping command with and without the www is now coming back with the same IP address (the correct one).

    I called back to see if it was something they did or not and after spending an hour on hold I finally reached a human. The bummer is this other tech told me the first tech I dealt with earlier had already left for the day. He said he will have to get with the first tech tomorrow when he comes back to work to see if he did anything and he will email me to let me know what he finds out. The reason I want to know is to see if it was something they did or if not then that means there's someone still around at Nexpoint trying to take care of things. Since the web site worked shortly after the initial call with I have a feeling it was them and not Nexpoint but I want to be sure before I write Nexpoint off.

    One thing the last tech told me was that he was aware of the issues with Nexpoint (the first tech never heard of them) and that even they were having problems contacting the company, they even tried to get a hold of the owner to no avail. I just hope this is a short term issue as I've been with them for 10 years and they have always treated me right.

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    They might have some legal issues. I am not sure why they are down.

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    any response from these guys? anybody? Looks like they are still down - the week has almost gone. I was able to send a test email on Wednesday but that happened only once. The second email is still sitting in the "outbox."

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