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    Web Hosting for Bandwidth

    I am looking to sign up for web hosting and I have figured out that dedicated hosting will be right for me. Here is my concern: I'd like to control my risk exposure by minimizing the possibility of overage charges due to too many visitors or a DNS attack. My goal is to stay under $150.

    My site is only a few gigs but I am hoping (fingers crossed) for a high amount of visitors. I won't be streaming videos but there will be lots of low resolution pics. If the site is successful, I don't want to be paying crazy amounts in overage charges because of the high number of visitors. Also, if my site isn't popular, I certainly don't want to be paying overage charges if my site gets attacked.

    Performance matters, I certainly don't want my pages loading slowly.

    What is my best route? Also, how much is a typical overage charge?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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    Well basecally you could host it on a basic hosting. But because you will host images you might want more space than a basic hosting package offers.

    About the overage. Most providers will just suspend your hosting if you will extend the bandwidth limit you have. But most of them will probably be able to upgrade your account free of charge.

    So if you want to have some good space for the pictures and stay under 150$ ( that is a great budget even to buy a dedicated server ) i would suggest starting with a good vps. And with the budget you have you will be able to get a control panel or even a full managed vps so you will not have to worry about anything. - Your VPS Cloud Hosting Partners!
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    How big is the average picture? Is this just static hosting, or does it have a dynamic back end? If dynamic, is there a MySQL component -- if so, when someone views a picture, does that involve a query?

    It would be helpful to know more about what exactly you are doing.

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    You could consider a managed VPS or maybe find a shared host who can work with you.
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    Thanks, Here's More Detail & Questions

    First of all, thanks very much for the quick replies and for being the type to help just for the sake of helping. Really cool.

    So the general response seems to be 'do a virtual server.' That is interesting, a virtual server is sort of the mid-step between a shared and a dedicated, right? Why does everyone seem to suggest that? It won't jeopardize my load-time/lag concerns? Is the main reason for suggesting a virtual server because it's cheaper or are there other benefits over dedicated servers?

    I will not have any databases behind the site. The images are static. The entire website is static but eventually I'll add in some behavioral stuff. Just text and images for now though. The average picture is about 175-200KB for file size.

    And just to some up the general responses so far, I don't have to be concerned about overage charges because I'll be given the option to bump myself up into a better plan first?

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    Getting dedicated just for host 1 website (which is static) and new startup is not worthy. Try shared hosting at starting. You can get plan like 10GB data with 100GB BW etc. This will do for you at starting. You can upgrade to VPS anytime when your visitors (& load) increases. You have good budget but don't waste it on things that you don't need at this stage (this is my opinion). Plan first. Decide your requirement & never go with unlimited. There are many reliable hosts available.
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    a managed vps seems to fit your budget and requirement

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    if you're looking for dedicated server with this budget, there would be many options. but the configuration is only overage ok if you have pretty high requirements on bandwidth/security.

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