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    Need international VOIP provider with low rate

    Please recommend me some good international VOIP providers with low rate with android app.

    Many thanks

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    You could use .. cant beat wholesale rates.. if you have the resources to build your own client, there also some existing front ends that are built for Twilio | Tennessee Based Hosting Provider.
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    Maybe Skype?

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    I would stay away from Skype. Aside from their lousy customer support their rates are not that good. Colin [at]
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    vonage isn't horrible, if you spend a lot of time on the phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by linux-tech View Post
    vonage isn't horrible, if you spend a lot of time on the phone.
    I would avoid Vonage like the plague - terrible service (IMHO)

    I moved to and never looked back, by far a billion times better service and costs less.

    As for an Android app...get an IPhone - both Vonage and both have IPhone apps I know.
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    I never once had issues with vonage. Kept my # with them for years, no issues at all. MOST issues with vonage are actually network issues, not vonage issues. The only reason I left them was that I didn't need it any more.

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    Any Update on that, we're also intrested in such a provider

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