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    My Hosting Review of

    So figured I would help make my presence known on this forum by dropping a review about my current host for those who may ask me in the future I can just refer them to this thread. I believe you have to report your domain or something? I hope I got that right I'm new to all this lol!!

    Anyway, I've been in need of a quality host to launch a website and keep a solid uptime since I don't want my visitors to find a website down as that is not fun at all and I always wanted some awesome support thrown into the mix because we all need it lol

    My answers have been answered in a pretty timely manner and I've not had too many problems but they have been very helpful in helping me get stuff taken care of and done.

    Looking forward to building up a long time relationship with them as my website needs grow. Pretty happy.

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    Glad to hear you're happy with your current host

    Yep, to report your domain use the "REPORT" button to the right of your post. This'll send it to the mods.
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