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    On my BlackBerry, the WAP site for that had a page where I could see my subscribed threads.

    Now that I'm on android and using the iPhone's gone.
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    Is this still being developed?

    The ability to search would be very useful.

    Also, the error I posted before now bugs me often. It also happens when switching to normal view to look at a profile. Switch back to mobile and you get 'this user has not registered'

    Right now if I switch to normal view I have to copy the URL into my clipboard, then paste it back into the address bar to get to the page I was already looking at.

    Oh, and a very minor one. All emoticons default to a smiley face. It's weird seeing posts like.

    'x host is a scam fraud, they hacked my site and ran over my pet cat .. *smiley face*'

    Finally, trying to post this also wasn't fun. 'thread is 192 days old, please go back and check the box to acknowledge this' ... Except, no checkbox on mobile, so I've had to switch to normal. Now i'll post this, hit mobile again and bam! that pesky error will be waiting for me, ha

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    Signatures and user colors!

    I can often tell who's who just from the sig/usercolor. But not mobile.
    I use the full skin on my iPad, because the current mobile one honestly sucks.
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