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Thread: GoDaddy

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    Be prepare to be charged automatically and for everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InstantPH View Post
    Used GoDaddy for a couple of years now without any issues. I've never had to contact customer service and once you get used to the continual up selling, they provide a decent service.
    Good Luck!

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    Personally I really like GoDaddy and have had nothing but positive experiences thus far. I only use them as a registrar though. No added services.

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    Definitely go with the alternatives, GoDaddy's renewal prices are a bit high.

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    Another vote for Namecheap. Although GoDaddy is also a reputable domain registrar except that their prices aren't as low. I mean $12.99 for a .com renewal with Godaddy when you can get it at Namecheap for $10.69. Also Whois Privacy Protection is quite expensive with them as well, that's if you need one.

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    GoDaddy is good but don't get hooked by all their additional services and offers, which are for most part unnecessary.

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    I have all my domains with GoDaddy never had a problem with them im happy with the service i have been getting

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    GoDaddy is the best domain service i have seen so far. +5 rep

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuyAServer View Post
    GoDaddy is the best domain service i have seen so far. +5 rep
    That's a matter of opinion.

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    I can only second all the comments about not joining them.

    I have been their customer for quite a while and have rarely experienced a slower and more complex user interface than theirs. Their pro-SOPA attitude and their chauvinistic commercials are also not exactly appealing to many customers, let alone their ceo proudly slaughtering elephants in Africa (

    As many already pointed out a more than viable alternative is, which has a good customer service and decent fees, respectively I recently discovered nameѕ, which has an even more straight-forwarding pricing structure and fast support responses as well. ● Multi-Location Service Availability Check
    Not just HTTP! Proper HTTPS support, detailed timing statistics and full IDN compliance

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    I have used Godaddy in the past, and I must say that my experience hasn't really been the best. I switched to Namecheap though, which imo is way better. So I would suggest Namecheap. Lower renewal prices and less hassle.

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    used them in the past without issues, with that said I think I might give namecheap a try.

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    I only prefer to Namecheap and internetbs for domain registration. Their prices are low compare to other domain registrar.

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    I would have tried them out in the past.
    But then i saw the news about they're ceo hunting ELEPHANTS!
    And now the sopa thing.

    Well i can not fully review them, but from what i see they win with marketing and not quality.

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    I would like to share my views on Godaddy which is the best domain name service provider because it provides best offers on the purchase of multiple domains.

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