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    Exclamation MYSQL Is Offline, need help ASAP!

    Hello, the Mysql for my website is offline. I tried resetting the password in WHM but that has not done the trick.

    None of it works. Can we please get MYSQL online? Email me at

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    Is this a VPS/Dedicated or shared hosting?

    Have you tried to restart MySQL services via root or WHM?

    (Also sent this to you via email)

    EDIT: Your sites do appear to be up here.
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    Your sites appear to be working for me also. Are you getting MySQL errors anywhere?

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    yes, the sites are all up indeed.

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    I received a request and this issue was completed. Thank you to everyone who emailed me so promptly. I am definitely going to use WHT for inquires again in the future if needed.

    Very much appreciated.

    Sending good vibes your way,


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    glad to know that the issue is sorted out.

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    Gald you have this issue fixed.

    You should have this thread closed

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