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    Fast Indexing Forum Signature links + High PR Blog Comments

    I am offering highly effective and fast indexing link building package, in which we will build a combination of manual forum links on forums that gets crawled regularly with do follow PR 3+ blog pages. This method have proven to boost rankings, in more than 90%+ of the sites we build links for.

    Blog comments will be from PR 3 or above pages, do follow from generic niche, and done manually to be relevant to the page to reduce risk of removal.

    Forum postings, unlike automated services spammed on mostly dead forums, we will only post to forums that gets crawled by Google bot frequently, and we do the postings manually and making sure we ping each post to better the index rate.

    We will only count links that remain when report are sent to you, so typically our team do a bit extra to account for any removals. You will receive 2 reports upon completion, one for forum postings, one for blog commenting. All work are done manually, and are within Google webmaster guidelines.

    We have the following packages for sale:


    40 PR 3+ blog comments + 50 forum signature links = $50


    80 PR 3+ blog comments + 100 forum signature links = $100


    180 PR 3+ blog comments + 200 forum signature links = $200


    300 PR 3+ blog comments + 300 forum signature links = $300

    I will need your keywords/urls to build links for, forum signatures links each allows up to 3 urls within. My paypal is [email protected] and please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

    If you donít see any improvement to your ranking after we are done with your link building, our team will gladly put in more extra links for you free of charge to give your keywords an extra push.

    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: jihoy1
    MSN: [email protected]
    Gtalk: [email protected]
    AOL: eremite311
    Yahoo: speculator_311

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    That's interesting.
    So to clarify, we give you a selection of key words. You find the relevant blogs and reply with URL links to our chosen page from the website?
    Do you also create new material?

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    Sorry Ian, will be generic, PR 3+ do follow links. No way you can get relevant PR 3+ links for $1 per. Not a chance, if you can find someone who can find niche specific, PR 3+ do follow blog pages, I'd pay over $8 per.

    I used to work for a certain large insurance company as part of their fulfillment team, and it took my team of 5 people, going through 2 million pages daily, over 2 months, to find 67 such blogs that met their niche specific specifications. It's mission impossible if you actually tried.

    Those will be generic, PR 3+ pages, but will still boost your rankings. Page rank, rather than relevancy, is what ranks website after Panda. Most PR 0 links gets deindexed if it's not on a page with content (example, PR 0 profile pages), so the most cost effective method would be to try to get links from high PR pages, such as via blog commenting or link rental or build your own satellite sites with high PR, which frankly is a pain to do since for some competitive keywords you'd literally need hundreds if not thousands of PR 3+ links to hit first page.

    My package would provide a significant boost to your site, I will also provide any on-site suggestions as needed, and assist you in picking from your list of keywords if you need any help. Email [email protected] if you have anymore questions. Thanks!

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