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    Hmm thanks For Sharing , nice Tips

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    Quote Originally Posted by V7Host View Post
    Client forgets password --> Client has several attempts at guessing --> Client gets blocked by firewall --> Client thinks server is down --> Client sends in an unhappy support ticket

    Have turned the enabled messenger feature in csf, definitely saves everyone a bit of stress.
    Happened to us many times
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  3. #28 is great.
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    Coool man keep it up

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    i'm using:

    for website monitoring...
    I got much mail from mxtoolbox says about site timeout....but not from pingdom and uptimebot....

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    I use to check for uptime. It is free and I'm satisfy with their service

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    Thanks for the info. I use pingdom to monitor my site

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrocWeb View Post would be useful.

    Thank you for sharing this guide, it should help many.

    I use that site every time I can't access a website. It's a godsend.

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    I use Pingdom, and now BinaryCanary. Also, UptimeRobot is good as well.

    Downforeveryoneorjustme are good for checking a specific site - if it is down right now.
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    184 is no doubt one of the best idea to ensure that your website is accessible all across the world or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lakridserne View Post
    I use Pingdom, and now BinaryCanary. Also, UptimeRobot is good as well.
    With a name like that I had to check it out...
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    Thanks for this post, I'd be needing this badly.

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    Great guide! Thanks for sharing! I also like

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    Normally what i do, ping to the host/domain nor IP of the site. And then proceed with Pingdom Monitor to check network status or else visits isitdownformeoryou site-downtime-check.
    Wanna Wiki ? So here it is Wiki

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    Thank you for sharing this guide

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    Thanks for the tips

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    this is a very famous website for webmaster

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    I agree. Pingdom is one of the most convenient tools to monitor the uptime of your website. Been using it for quite some time and found it to be handy specially during the times the shared server my domain was residing into had been down.

  19. #44 Downtime check fast and free

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    It is observe mostly time ip is block in fire wall,

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    The firewall block is a common misconception for downtime.
    Thank you for the guide I'll be pointing a few customers here.

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    Check your site from a different connection.

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    Thanks very usefull!

  25. #50 so great for check and track your website, it's free
    [URL=""]APK Android update] |Url checker

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