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    In need of new site design

    I am in the middle of thinking about updating my current site. The current design is not too bad but it isn't what I want. So, I would like to get a few quotes on how much it would be to change it to something more attractive.

    I would like someone that is imaginative and willing to tell me what will and what won't look good. What I should do and what I shoudn't do. I really don't care where you are from just as long as you speak good English and do good work.

    I have links to sites that I like but don't want copies of these sites. I guess that is where the imagination comes in. The design I am not looking for is a webhosting-type site but more of a PC hardware sign (if there is such a thing).

    Please don't ask me what my budget is just give me your best price for the job. At that point I can tell you if I can afford it. That way we don't waste each other's time.

    Thanks for reading and hope to work with someone soon.

    I am be contacted at tawalker98 @ on MSN.

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    PM sent hope you will contact me soon......
    Quality Services Provider
    Dezign.creator (at) gmail (.) com

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    I have added you in msn.I would like to chat with you regarding the requirement.
    Penguin Websoft
    Visit Us at:

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    We would like to discuss this further, please contact us. Thank you.
    Best Regards,
    NuvoDev Technologies | Website Design Company | Bangalore Website Design

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    Just sent you an email on yahoo. If you can send me clear details about it, we can give you a quote.

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    we just sent you an email at yahoo, would like to discuss more on it

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