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    Domain Transfers

    I have a quick question here....

    I have 2 domains registered through one of the domain resellers of Direct INI....

    I had hosting services with them too... Now I have cancelled my hosting services with them....

    But they are not entertaining any request for a domain transfer from them to Godaddy... They are no even replying to my support tickets....My domains are active and live till June 2012... Please advise....

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    Does their interface doesn't have unlock system and EPP code generation? If not then contact the actual registrar (not the resellers) and they might be able to help you out.
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    Thanks for the reply... let me try it out....

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    Quote Originally Posted by junodavid View Post
    I have 2 domains registered through one of the domain resellers of Direct INI....
    It's up to the registrar to police and control their resellers - if you're not getting the support you expect, try going further up the chain ...
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    Thats what I am thinking of now... They are not providing the EPP codes... I was planning to have these domains transferred to Godaddy asap...but no luck...Anyway I will try contacting direct Internet services now...

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    Dude... did it work out... OR you can register a complaint with ICAAN or the domain registrar... Pls contact them directly...

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