Cloud4Web is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality service. Cloud4Web is proud to have its headquarters and servers located in the Greater Toronto Area.

Cloud4Web’s scalable on-demand hosting infrastructure is the most powerful and reliable hosting platform available. Cloud4Web offers simple set-up and prompt support to make your cloud hosting experience worry free.

Virtual Cloud:

Your price is determined by your chosen amount of CPU, memory, disk space and monthly bandwidth.

Our Cloud Hosting Packages are completely customizable and can be scaled up or down to meet the demands of your business.


> Scalability: Whether you require hosting for a single site or a fleet of servers with terabytes of storage, scalability makes adjusting simple. The resources are always there for you when you need it, so you are able to scale up or scale down based on demand.

Self-Healing Hardware: If there's a hardware failure, you're server won't go down. Your site will be restored automatically and within seconds.

Save Money: Cloud4Web Hosting allows you to allocate your needs and pay for what you actually use. This gives you and your business flexibility and room to grow.

> Customizable: Cloud4Web allows you to choose the CPU, memory, disk space and bandwidth in your package.

> Accessible: Maintain your VM Environment on your personal OnApp profile.

> Compatibility: Compatible with Windows and Linux systems.

> Powered by OnApp cloud technology.

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