Do you want to ensure your cPanel server has a good standard level of security?

Do you want that extra pace of mind so you can sleep better at night?

Well... Take a step back sit down and look no further as your now in safe hands.

Heres what our "Check & Secure" CSF/PHP/SSH cPanel security service offers:

Full Installation & Configuration Of CSF:

Firewall Check:

Incoming MySQL port

Server Check:

Check /tmp permissions
Check /tmp ownership
Check /tmp is mounted as a filesystem
Check /tmp is mounted noexec,nosuid
Check /etc/cron.daily/logrotate for /tmp noexec workaround
Check /var/tmp permissions
Check /var/tmp ownership
Check /var/tmp is mounted as a filesystem
Check /var/tmp is mounted noexec,nosuid
Check /usr/tmp permissions
Check /usr/tmp ownership
Check /usr/tmp is mounted as a filesystem/symlink to /tmp
Check for DNS recursion restrictions
Check for DNS random query source port
Check server runlevel
Check nobody cron
Check Operating System support
Check perl version
Check MySQL version
Check MySQL LOAD DATA disallows LOCAL
Check SUPERUSER accounts
Check for IPv6
Check for kernel logger

SSH/Telnet Check:

Check SSHv1 is disabled
Check SSH on non-standard port
Check SSH UseDNS
Check telnet port 23 is not in use
Check shell limits
Check Background Process Killer

Mail Check:

Check root forwarder
Check exim for extended logging (log_selector)
Check exim weak SSL/TLS Ciphers (tls_require_ciphers)
Check for maildir conversion
Check dovecot weak SSL/TLS Ciphers (ssl_cipher_list)

Apache Check:

Check apache version
Check suPHP
Check Suexec
Check apache for mod_security
Check apache for FrontPage
Check apache for RLimitCPU
Check apache for RLimitMEM
Check Apache weak SSL/TLS Ciphers (SSLCipherSuite)
Check apache for TraceEnable
Check apache for ServerSignature
Check apache for ServerTokens
Check apache for FileETag
Check mod_userdir protection

PHP Check:

Check php version (/usr/local/bin/php)
Check php for enable_dl or disabled dl()
Check php for disable_functions
Check php for register_globals
Check php for Suhosin
Check php open_basedir protection
Check php is upto date

WHM Check:

Check boxtrapper is disabled
Check max emails per hour is set
Check whether users can reset passwords via email
Check whether native cPanel SSL is enabled
Check compilers
Check Anonymous FTP Logins
Check Anonymous FTP Uploads
Check pure-ftpd weak SSL/TLS Ciphers (TLSCipherSuite)
Check FTP Logins with Root Password
Check allow remote domains
Check block common domains
Check allow park domains
Check cPAddons update email to owner
Check cPAddons update email to root
Check cPanel tree
Check cPanel updates
Check package updates
Check security updates
Check melange chat server
Check cPanel php for register_globals
Check cPanel php.ini file for register_globals
Check cPanel passwords in email
Check core dumps
Check Cookie IP Validation
Check MD5 passwords with Apache
Check HTTP Authentication
Check Security Tokens
Check Parent Security
Check Domain Lookup Security
Check SMTP Tweak
Check nameservers

Full Installation & Configuration Of Scanning:


To order simply contact me Via PM with your email address and I shall send you an invoice.

Only $25 One Time.

Should you be interested in other services we also offer the following:

Full cPanel Server + Security Setup = $50
Apache PHP + Sushosin Recompiling = $35
cPanel Server Migrations = $100
Recurring Monthly cPanel Management = $60

Although we are certain we may not be the cheapest solution you'll find but we're certain you'll enjoy working with us and become a repeat customer just like the other 100+ this month have!