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    * 100TB Bandwidth Promotion - Chicago and LA

    100TB per month - $150/mo - Promo Code NF163

    To enable 100TB on your cloud server, when configuring it, enter in the promo code NF163 in the promo code box and hit apply. You will then see the changes applied to your pricing and available bandwidth!

    Click HERE to signup. All cloud server deployments are completed within 5 minutes of creation. Account verification is required.

    All cloud servers come standard with a gigabit port so making use of the 100TB will not be an issue!

    Los Angelese Network Carrier Blend:
    • GlobalCrossing
    • PCCW
    • Cogent
    • Nlayer
    • Level3
    • GlobalCrossing
    • Equinix Exchange peering
    • Transport back to Chicago
    • All cloud server nodes are on 10Gigabit ports.

    Chicago Network Carrier blend:
    • Level3
    • GBLX
    • Nlayer
    • Telia
    • Internap
    • PCCW
    • Comcast
    • Equinix Exchange Peering
    • Transport back to LA
    • All cloud server nodes are on 10Gigabit ports.

    Internap FCP route optimization in both locations!

    Private Network Info:
    All cloud servers get free private network access. Both datacenters are interconnected with private backhaul / transport circuit which the private network address space is routed through which will allow you to use the private network for free for communicating with your cloud or dedicated servers between Chicago and Los Angeles.
    LA Dedicated servers will be available around beginning of March, all servers dedicated or virtual can communicate through gigabit private network connections for free, across both data centers.

    The V3 Gcloud API is also completed and available with documentation. There is also a WHMCS module available using the API, contact sales for more information.

    Available Operating Systems:
    • ArchLinux
    • CentOS 5
    • Debian 5
    • Debian 6
    • Ubuntu 8
    • Ubuntu 10.04
    • Windows 2003
    • Windows 2008
    • Centos + VirtualMin
    • Cpanel is available for $10.00/mo

    This special is only availabole on our V3 Portal. Legacy V2 users will not be able to use this unless they signup on V3.

    Click HERE to signup!
    Dedicated Servers + Cloud Servers + Colocation + DDOS Protection + IP Transit with FCP optimized routing
    Locations in Chicago Los Angeles and Ashburn

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    promo code has expired!

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