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- Official McMyAdmin Provider -
**Go Network Servers is now an OFFICIAL PROVIDER OF McMyAdmin**

McMyAdmin is now released to existing & new customers! There is an additional $3.00/month for upgrading to
McMyAdmin. We are also listed as an Official Provider of McMyAdmin & Approved Host of MineCraft.

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- Why Choose Go Network Servers? -
Official Minecraft's Approved Host
Official McMyAdmin Provider
Craftbukkit & Canary Support
Easy to use auto mod installation to install Bukkit mod, plugins, and more!
Free Location Change Anytime
Superior Quality Networks & Servers
Amazing Easy to Use Customized Game Panel (TCadmin) & Integrated McMyAdmin (Optional)
Remote server backups
Superior Low Latency
Automatic server restarts if server crashes
We manage your game server for you! Which means less hassle and no stress
Free Custom Hostname example.go-networks.net
99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
Free Web-Hosting/Blog/Forums & MYSQL Remote for all MineCraft Servers
Fast & Free Setup
We Price Match any USA Approved Only MineCraft's Providers/Hosts
Upload your world, plugins, configs, saves and more on our File Manager or through FTP
24/7 best known Customer Support
Providing over 95 Game/Mods to choose from
5-Days Money Back Guaranteed


- Server Plans & Pricing -
MineCraft Beta is not priced by slots limit, but the amounts of RAM USAGE. You have total control of the amount of slots you want but we do recommend you to not go higher than the approximate value given for you RAM. We have one of the lowest pricing available compared to our competitors. We would be happy to price match any USA APPROVED only MineCraft's Providers/Hosts.

Use Coupon - "NY2011" & Save 20% OFF Monthly:
512MB (Recommend for 6 Slots*) - $11.99
1GB (Recommend for 15 Slots*) - $19.99
1.5GB (Recommend for 20 Slots*) - $23.99
2GB (Recommend for 30 Slots*) - $35.19
3GB (Recommend for 50 Slots*) - $51.19
4GB (Recommend for 65 Slots*) - $67.99
5GB (Recommend for 80 Slots*) - $87.99
Need More Than 80 Slots? Please Contact Us.

Don't Forget To Prepay & Save
Quarterly: Additional 10% OFF
Semi-Annual: Additional 15% OFF
Annually: Additional 20% OFF
* ( Discounts already applied at checkout )


- Game Server Locations (Last Updated: 10/7/2011) -
Los Angeles (CA) - Available
Dallas (TX) - Available
New York (NY) - Available
Chicago (IL) - Available
Atlanta (GA) - Out Of Stock

**Dates can be subject to change at anytime due to carrier delay, datacenter setup, etc.**


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- Contact Us -
There are a variety of ways you can contact us:
Sales: [email protected]
Support: [email protected]
Billing: [email protected]
Website: http://www.go-networks.net
Facebook: Go Network Servers FB
Twitter: @GoNetworks

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