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    * Server that is collecting identities of the world population ...

    I wonder if there really is a project aiming to collect the identities of people of all countries?

    For just before the Second World War in Holland ocerreu this fact when the government decided inciar a survey of all its people on their religiodade, so as to provide a funeral in accordance with their crensas. But on May 10, 1940 was invaded by the Nazis and used these records to follow those who were Jews.

    Used this historical fact we can see that even then there was the interresse to obtain information on population, not only in the country mentioned (Netherlands), but several others as well.

    Continuing to ask for information about any governmental or private institution that is doing something similar at the global level, not only to know your reliogidade "clear", but other information on the number of your document where you live and even your family tree?

    I already know that this occurs at mesnos with cookies from sites to know your preferences in research and thus apply more personalized banners.

    But there is some cookie to something else (software) that is collecting and gathering this information from one source?

    And if there would like a link to this information or any project that has not been "booted".

    Thanks for the replies.
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    It's called Facebook. I'm pretty sure our governments use these social websites for general information gathering. I'm not a propagandist, but it just sounds like something they'd consider. Not necessarily in a bad way, but possibly for census purposes. It's possible, no?
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    facebook really is the biggest place of information. i bet its bigger than the fbi ect..... lol
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    Not everyone on facebook lists their faith, you cant really know who is who, what profile is fake, even with ppl that do provide a lot of data.
    Sure, a nazi type of government doesnt need to make absolutely sure, but you cant really defend yourself against those anyway.
    When being muslim will be a reason for departation/internment in isolation camps like the japanese were in WWII for instance, the gov't will have a hard time proving ppl are indeed muslim in many cases, even if their facebook profile says so. Whether they will need a solid proof or not, that is the real question. If they dont, nobody is safe, your neighbour might say you are muslim just because your backyard tree is too high and casts shadows on their lawn.
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