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    Review my hosting plans

    Here are my plans guys. It will be private hosting & only local. I am targeted towards students. And I have already 20-25 clients in hand

    250MB | 2GB traffic - 6 USD / year [beginner blog accounts]
    500MB | 5GB traffic - 12 USD / year [for advanced bloggers]
    1GB | 8GB traffic - 21USD / year [for forums etc]

    most of my friends are in need of cheap hosting with less space. Half of them even okay with 250MB since they just want to start simple blogs. So 90% of my clients will be buying [either 150MB or] 250MB. And that makes no. of client extremely more even with space of 20GB. I am considering a good repuated host with 99.99% uptime & has best reviews on WHT.

    Since these are students & they don't want to spend more With help of Student Community Leader I already have got good no. of students who are interested. There won't be any monthly plans since these are already cheap. Initially I am buying 20GB If lot more students are interested, then will get more space.

    With 20GB, I am gonna get minimum 70-80 clients. And I have made sure there won't be any trouble in support system

    I know no. of clients will be too much for a starter reseller, but in order to provide cheap hosting, this is the way I guess.

    Funny thing is, I don't even need to have a website & billing system. I will be dealing with them directly & get cash in hand

    What do you say ?
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    Nice Plan and Good Thinking
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    ^Thank you very much

    I am thinking to buy domain which something related to students, like or gradshosting

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    Quote Originally Posted by avin7000 View Post
    250MB | 2GB traffic - 6 USD / year [beginner blog accounts]
    500MB | 5GB traffic - 12 USD / year [for advanced bloggers]
    1GB | 8GB traffic - 11USD / year [for forums etc]
    Word might get out that someone has the 1GB package and only paid $11
    The customer that paid $12 for only 500MB may not be too happy
    Therefore you might want to tier the prices as $5, $10, $15

    Equally, having 5GB of bandwidth seems unusual, why not 4GB?
    Then all three packages are aligned and your customers can then upgrade /downgrade more easily
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    Extremely sorry, there's been a mistake. I fixed it

    Thank you for pointing it out !

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