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    * i need a good webhost suggestion please


    i am currently with bluehost and unhappy as after only 2 weeks the server was going through maintenance and my webpage was not accessible for hours.

    i am currently learning a lot about all that but would still appreciate any suggestions and the expertise of yours in my specific case.

    what i need are min. 256RAM, a personalized email address, enough bandwidth as there are pictures on the website which should load fast, but most importantly the server needs to be reliable at all times. the website will launch officially after the first week of march an we are expecting some good traffic at least within the first two months. there are no videos on the website, just text and gallery and a contact form.

    i took a look at the dedicated hosting services which are more expensive and i do believe also not necessary in my case. vps is something i was looking at but i am not sure.

    currently our tech specs are:
    8x AMD Opteron-6274 16Core (Processor)
    1x Super Micro AS -2122TG-HTRF (Chassis, Motherboard, Heatsinks)
    16x 8 GB DDR3-1600 ECC / REG (Memory)
    12x Western Digital Velociraptor- WD1500BLFS (Hard Drives)
    8x OCZ Daneva II's 240GB (SSD Drives)
    4x LSI 9285-8e or 9280-8e depending on availability (Sata Controller)
    4x LSIBBU09 (Controller Battery)

    we are using LINUX and MYSQL.

    please advise,

    thanks a lot in advance!


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    jennifer3, you are starting a little bit from the wrong end.

    What is your site based on? Any CMS?
    Bandwidth and the speed of downloading images are not quite correlated.
    Looks like you need a bit of advice before you will start looking for host.

    Can we start from:
    1. Where geographically are your customers located?
    2. What CMS are you using (if any)?
    3. What amount of traffic do you reasonably expect? (in unique visitors)

    That will help us help you.

    Kind regards.
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    Unless your spending $10,000's on pre launch advertising I think you might have a lot more server than you really need. But if your set on a dedicated server I would look at the advertising section. "Add a little Magick to your Website"

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    Traffic is a big factor that must be considered before deciding about any plan. You can estimate your traffic and then decide accordingly.

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    You could always go with a Cloud server with any reputable host and scale up / down as needed, or go with a host that allows you to upgrade / downgrade packages. This will give you the most flexibility for those unpredictable moments.
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    Yes I think a VPS should be a fine and is easily upgradable "Add a little Magick to your Website"

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    hm hard to give you advice, you will have to tell us more information. like where do the majority of your visitors come from? how much traffic do you have going to your site.

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    Firstly I would like to tell you that bandwidth actually means the amount of traffic/visits on your website that can be accommodated.

    To be precise, it's like when someone visits your website, he/she consumes the bandwidth by downloading files from your servers to his/her computer.

    Suppose a person visits your homepage which is of about 10 KB in size, he is actually downloading that 10 KB from your server to his computer.

    This means 10 KB of allotted 'bandwidth' for your website has been consumed.

    Ohkay, I must admit there are instances when there is a rush on a website and it slows down. But it entirely depends on the amount of traffic.

    You can calculate your monthly bandwidth requirement using this simple calculator:

    Secondly Speed:
    Speed entirely depends on the location of your servers are and the location of the computer through which connection is made.

    Let's say suppose your server where your website is hosted is colocated in the USA.
    And the visitor who is visiting your website makes a connection through INDIA.
    And another visitor who resides in the USA also makes a connection to your servers.

    The loading time of your website will be more for the one visiting your website from INDIA. As he has to go through more number of HOPS(Everytime packet is forwarded from one network connection/router to the next router/network connection, a hop occurs.) as compared to the person residing in the USA.
    Hence is the deciding factor for the speed(Network Speed).

    Another thing is the size of a page to be loaded. Obviously higher the size of the page more is the loading time. Just like a 1 Gig file takes more time than a 10 MB file.

    And btw, if you could detail a little about what you host?
    I would say even VPS isn't necessary. A simple shared webhosting with nice amount of webspace, practically I would say not more than a GIG would do. With bandwidth simply 10 times the webspace.
    Until and unless you are hosting something mission critical/killer application or something which realistically requires dedicated resources.

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