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    Question Having trouble with Google Apps and changing nameserver of a domain

    I registered a domain through I want to use Google Apps on it so I can have Gmail as the email for my website. To use Google Apps I had to change CNAME and MX records. I can't change those types of advanced records without using's nameservers though. If I want to use my webhosts nameservers I can't use's and therefore lose the ability to change my CNAME and MX records. It seems like a catch-22.

    I can use my webhosts name servers by letting handle the advanced DNS settings or, modify the CNAME and MX records myself and lose being able to set my nameservers. That just doesn't seem right. I must be missing something, right? Any help would be appreciated.

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    I think what you're missing is that if you use your webhost's nameservers, then THEY control your DNS records - depending on the control panel used, you should be able to set MX/CNAME/A records through the web with them..?

    Put another way, if is your nameserver, then you use the control panel to set MX/CNAME/A records. If you set your nameservers (NS records) to your webhost, then you have to set the MX/CNAME/A records through the webhost..

    Hope that helps

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    Red face

    Thanks a lot, Rendrag. I feel a bit silly now since you hit the nail on the head right from the start. Turns out DNS settings were towards bottom of my hosting account's cPanel!

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