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    Multiple currency price comparison widget needed


    I have 1 single price for all my items in my website, I would like to know if you have ever come across some kind of widget where you can add a base price and have the equivalent in multiple currencies, this way customers know in real time what is the cost of the membership|(example) in many currencies.

    I can only find currency convertors but no currency convertors with a base price to set. Any idea please?

    Thank you,


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    Why not write your own block using something as simple as google's converter api? - Affordable budget Fully Managed Hosting Services for individuals and business clients. Website Hosting. Domain Name management. High Availability Cloud servers - 99.9% Uptime, Self-Healing Failover, Load Balancing and Mirrored Backups. - Internet Service Provider since 2007!

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    I know that for Joomla you can get a plugin that do exactly what you are looking for.

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