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    145 dns: etc

    due to no bump at all so for the buyers please bookmark my thread & visit it every day to see my edits of the sold domains or the BIN price lower

    the domains that don't have registrar or expiry dates, they have the same registrar or expiry dates that are between each domains that have registrar or expiry dates written.

    --domain---registrar---expiry date godaddy 21-apr-2012 06-jun-2012 06-jun-2012 09-jun-2012 09-jun-2012 11-jun-2012 11-jun-2012 13-jun-2012 13-jun-2012 17-jun-2012 18-jun-2012 godaddy 18-jun-2012 godaddy 19-jun-2012 20-jun-2012 29-jun-2012 29-jun-2012 04-jul-2012 04-jul-2012 08-jul-2012 08-jul-2012 09-jul-2012 godaddy 09-jul-2012 dynadot 13-jul-2012 dynadot 19-jul-2012 dynadot 19-jul-2012 godaddy 23-jul-2012 24-jul-2012 24-jul-2012 31-jul-2012 30-jul-2012 30-jul-2012 04-aug-2012 05-aug-2012 05-aug-2012 10-aug-2012 godaddy 17-aug-2012 name 17-aug-2012 godaddy 16-aug-2012 16-aug-2012 19-aug-2012 20-aug-2012 20-aug-2012 25-aug-2012 29-aug-2012 30-aug-2012 31-aug-2012 30-aug-2012 30-aug-2012 01-sep-2012 03-sep-2012 05-sep-2012 04-sep-2012 05-sep-2012 07-sep-2012 07-sep-2012 12-sep-2012 12-sep-2012 14-sep-2012 13-sep-2012 godaddy 15-sep-2012
    not parked
    multi forum thread, first will take
    payment via moneybookers, i will pay all the fees or via godaddy gift cards without any fees at all [there is an important note added: if you want to pay via so you can by godaddy gift card from here: & the payment will be via or credit card & more payment methods]
    i will give the username & password or a free push to your account
    BIN: $6 each
    post "SOLD" to claim then PM me
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    bin: $5 each
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  3. #3 sold pending sale


    bin:$4 each
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    bin:$3 each
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  5. #5 sold
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  6. #6 sold
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    last lower
    bin: $2.50 each
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    sale ended
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