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    vB Server Migration / Harden / Secure

    I have developed and managed an online community. I have 45,000 threads and 600,000 posts (approx) and over 30,000 Members.

    Currently I am on a HostGator VPS and it is showing some big problems/&/issues: E-mails are not making it to Members (especially the registration ones), the server is dragging, 500 internal server errors, etc.

    I think it is time for me to move to a dedicated server.

    - I need someone to help me setup my new dedicated server. Needs to be hardened and secured.
    - I will also need you to duplicate programs (mySQL, phpMyAdmin, etc) from my old VPS .. So you will need to migrate everything over to the new server.
    - I would like some backup implemented (RAID or backup drive/&/off-site) we can talk about this.
    - I need a control panel installed, something similar to what I was using at HostGator.
    - Needs to be able to run more than one domain (I have multiple domain names and IPs)
    - It would be a plus if you have experience optimizing a server for vBulletin.

    Please PM me your quote and time to complete.

    Thank You
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    I'm sorry, I don't think that I have PM capabilities yet. Leave me a way to contact you via e-mail and I will. Thank You

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    What is your current config at hostgator? How many cpu, how much ram, etc.. You'd probably get away with getting a better VPS.

    Do you know what technology they're using at hostgator? If its virtuoso, etc.. they could be overselling the node.. or sharing out your cpu/mem.

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    This is what I have now ..
    Host Gator VPS Plan #3 ($50.95)
    CPU: 1.13 GHZ
    RAM: 768 MB
    Disk Space: 30 GB
    Bandwidth: 500 GB

    This is the server it is VPS/shared on:
    * Dual Nehalem Quad Core CPU's @ 2.26ghz per core w/hyperthreading
    * 24GB DDR3 RAM w/ECC
    * 1.5TB RAID 10 (6 drives)
    * 100mbps uplink, shared over the container

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    I would like to integrate a Magento store. I need to start off selling some shirts, stickers, etc.

    I am also contemplating a video chat feature for Members only, if I can afford it.

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    I don't think we're allowed to leave contact info in a thread

    I'd just look around for hosting companies giving you a real VPS .. stay away from $15/mo VPS companies, etc.. it's too easy to share out resources and there are hosts out there that will oversell the one no-name-brand server they have in a datacenter halfway around the world from them.

    Maybe look at liquidweb or equiv.

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    We can help you to migrate your Vb website to a dedicated server . We also provide special vb optimization and administration service too. You can have a look at out VB management service from
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    We are Server Migration experts. Please drop an email to sales at and we will get back to you with a quote.
    Ideamine Technologies, sales(a)
    Server Management|Outsourced Support|Web Development|Mobile Applications
    Skype: servernix|GTalk: servernix|AIM: servernix

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    We can provide you some assistance with the migration and the server administration, simply let us know!
    Black://Octet :: Server Management & IT Services
    Linux & Windows :: cPanel & Plesk :: Backup/Monitoring/Load-Balancing/High-Availability Solutions
    Contact Us!

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    Supportex.Net server management, full range of services. EU-based outsourced company. Since 1998.
    Outstanding quality for high performance projects; clustering and high-availability solutions, DDoS protection.
    Cisco/Juniper network management & deployment assistance. Network design and monitoring.

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    We can certainly help you with this our team has vast experience of server administration.

    We can also work with you on a one to one basis Via msn or another instant messenger service.

    Please let us know if you wish to proceed so we can give you a VERY competitive quote!

    Rest assured your in safe hands


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    I've had several years of experience with vBulletin and I would be very interested in hearing about the traffic that you actually get. The size of the board/database doesn't really mean much if you only have 100 users online at any given time. It might be that you just need some tuning done on the database or similar to get it to perform a lot better.

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    Contact to me: toffik at toffik dot net

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    I can help you. My contacts in profile.

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    Our website will be online within a matter of days but we would love the opportunity to discuss our services with you. info [at] moonlightsupport [dot] net

    We have experience migrating thousands of web hosting accounts and many years of hosting large vBulletin websites.

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