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    What's the best upload speed for hosting a website from home?

    I have a website that gets around 60,000 unique visitors per month. It's a pretty standard WordPress website and I'm thinking about hosting the website from home.

    I already have some servers at home that I use to run a home network so that won't be an issue.

    The Internet connection would be the issue. I have Road Runner right now and I get about 30Mbps down and 1Mbps up. Chances are I'll either get a second line in for the server or a much faster line to replace the existing one.

    My question is how much up speed do I need to host the website without any issues? Would getting a 1Mbps connection both ways for the server work? Or would I be better off getting Road Runner's Wideband Internet.

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    You would be better off putting the server in a real datacenter. Hosting from home is not the ticket for reliability.
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    How do I find any datacenters that are nearby? I live in Nebraska which I'm guessing isn't the best state to find datacenters.

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    Doesn't much matter where the server is.

    For that amount of traffic, you would be fine with a VPS. You could get a decent VPS for about the same price as your second Internet connection would cost you (and you aren't paying for the power 24/7 to run that home server!)
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    Yea, having a web server from home is pretty unreliable. Not because of the servers, but it is usually the connections. In order to run servers from home you need super high speed connections that aren't usually offered in residential areas. If they are, then they are really expensive. Best off just getting a VPS host. Good Luck

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    Don't host at home. That's a terrible idea.
    You'd do better to just buy a managed VPS hosting account for a quality host.
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    Your home? so do you maintain it your self?

    Well, I don't think that your site will be reliable as you rent a vps or dedicated server.

    As kpmedia said, go find decent VPS . - Cheap Hosting Solutions

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    Like all comments above, a live hosting service is suggested other than host by yourself. Hosting is not as simple as purchasing the server, it's actually 24 x 7 monitoring business. Good luck.

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    Other than what everyone has already mentioned, even if you were willing to move forward with this project, I doubt your ISP would allow it. Any reason why you were looking to host your site at home instead of with a real web hosting company?
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    If you really want to use your own server. I would look at collocating it in a data center. You can usually ship off your server and the techs at the data center will get it all hooked up for you.

    It really isn't feasible to host a website at home.

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    I hosted my website(s) from my home almost 2 years. Yeah, it's free (except power) but I'll never do this

    It's terrible..

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    You only have 1 mbps of upload and that will not be sufficient to run such a high traffic website. Your website will fee terribly slow, because active users/connections require "burst" bandwidth for fast content serving.

    Since you already own some kind of server, you should just colocate it. Living in the US it shouldn't be a problem as colocation can cost as little as 50$/month. - Affordable budget Fully Managed Hosting Services for individuals and business clients. Website Hosting. Domain Name management. High Availability Cloud servers - 99.9% Uptime, Self-Healing Failover, Load Balancing and Mirrored Backups. - Internet Service Provider since 2007!

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    1mbps up is too low....
    and hosting at home is a bad bad idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by FernGullyGraphics View Post
    Other than what everyone has already mentioned, even if you were willing to move forward with this project, I doubt your ISP would allow it. Any reason why you were looking to host your site at home instead of with a real web hosting company?
    Correct, most ISPs disallow hosting websites from a residential connection. Some allow it on business connections but the monthly rate is typically 3-5x the amount for a residential. Its less expensive to get professional hosting.

    I do personally have a few "intranet" sites hosted at home but in order to hit them, I need to VPN into my house. (Mainly to access my NAS)
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    Quote Originally Posted by KMyers View Post
    Correct, most ISPs disallow hosting websites from a residential connection.
    Yes like others have said be sure that your isp allows webservers and port 80 to be open.

    My isp will allow it because I got a newsletter with my phone bill stating that we could host web servers on our dsl connection if we wanted to.

    I gave it some thought myself and was gonna host my blog at home. But decided against it as I'm sure the site would load slow and go down too many times. Plus I wouldn't be able to be by the server 24/7.

    Web hosting is so cheap that you'd be crazy hosting your site at home. lol

    Well I know I'd be crazy trying to host my site myself. xd

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    I've got 15 down and 3 up from Charter at my home, but they don't allow you to host your own site from home - had to get a new modem about two weeks ago, so I saw this in their install agreement. Like everyone said, it really is a bad idea to host from home. In the past three weeks, I've had 20 hours of outage with Charter.
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    It would be much easier to purchase a VPS to handle your website.
    You could also ship your server to a datacenter for colocation.

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    I do not recommend to host your site(s) on your own. Because it do need a lot of technical stuffs and skills. It costs more than you purchase hosting service from the web hosting provider.
    Go for VPS hosting would be better to handle your site(s).
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  19. why not try a VPS that really makes sense?I do not mean free things are not good ,but,you get what you pay

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