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    * Fast Game and Voice Servers! | Online Panel | Full Control | Phone Support | 35% OFF!

    Snaju LLC
    "Systems Normal All Jacked Up!"
    35% off your first invoice use "thanks"

    The Question!
    When you are looking for a company to host a game server or a voice server for a clan, community, and even for company events you need a provider that is willing to go the extra mile to please a client. Some one who will help you install and configure your server and has your best interest in mind. That is why Snaju “Systems Normal All Jacked Up” is alive today, we are the host that will go the extra mile and bend over backwards to help you in any way possible. We want to see your server get big, and we want to be apart of your community by providing you with lag free servers. Many people ask us “What is good about owning your own Server”, well if you are a gaming community or clan and you just hop around on other servers, why not run your own. You can be your own admin and you can make the server what ever you want it to be. If you are a company you can use the server for a company event, or team building activity. So when you look at it, a Game or voice server can be used with any situation! So check us out and hope to see you in our family soon!

    Why Snaju?
    - 99.9% Up-time
    - Full Server Control
    - 10 Day Money Back
    - Large Upload/ Download Limits
    - Teamspeak 3 Authorized Host Provider
    - Experienced Gaming Staff
    - Top of the line data centers!
    - Clan Pay System
    - Small Company/ Phone Support

    Game Servers Order Now!
    We host some of the most popular games on the market right now. When you go with a Snaju Game Server you will have a low ping and there will be no lag!

    SA-MP: $0.20/ Slot
    Minecraft: $1.10/ Slot
    Counter Strike: $1.00/ Slot
    Garry's Mod: $1.00/ Slot
    Left 4 Dead: $1.00/ Slot

    Buy a Game Server and get FREE Basic Web Hosting!

    Voice Servers Order Now!
    If you are running a clan it is time to take on the best in the industry voice communication software. Where you can manage and create rooms! Or you could just use it for a hangout for all your friends!

    Teamspeak: $0.25/ Slot
    Mumble: $0.25/ Slot

    All codex Included!

    So come join the family at Snaju and together we can make your server grow!
    Have a question email [email protected]
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