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    dos help

    My cPanel server was recently attacked with over 3000 IP connections (appeared to be from Georgia). How can I find out which domain name on the shared server the attackers were trying to connect to?

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    If the attack was made using HTTP connection, you may find the access_logs the requests. You will have to make a shell script to find all the access_log files and search for the attacking IPs (that you seem to already have the list).

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    In most cases, the domain which is being attacked will have a large access_log file and this will help you to locate the domains. Then update the domains stats using /scripts/runweblogs username . This will help you to have visual analysis of the domain traffic.
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    This will help you to determine the path of the file/domain being attacked.
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    Since you are on a cPanel server, login to WHM as root user and navigate to Main >> Server Status >> Apache Status. Also see the output of the netstat to see if it is targeting a domain or just a SYN flood.
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