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    Our main "Chestnut" is down!

    Dear Members,

    Due to unfortunate issues with our "Chestnut" server over the last 24hrs, we have decided to move it off the main SAN established by our main datacenter - we have run multiple tests on this system and performance over the last week and have come to our main conclusion that it is a SAN related problem.

    We have had our main technicians investigate this as well as hiring well expertised technicians such as Rack911 who advised that this is a SAN related performance problem, we noted this back to our datacenter who refused to believe the messages pushed across to them and denied their SAN ever being a problem.

    We have decided that the best thing to do is to move it from the SAN in to Local Disk to try and bring performance and speed back to the system.

    Backups are being migrated across to a new network before they are moved back to the virtual machine for a restore - we will keep everyone posted via our forums as well as our main gateways of support.

    Sadly some customers are furious, we understand their concerns. Some have noted that they will come to Webhostingtalk to outline the problems which we can understand but sadly it will not resolve the current issues that OnApp are dealing with.

    Right now all of this is out of our main control, we can only wait for OnApp's review once they complete the task at hand.

    Thank you.

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    Chestnut has been powered back up today on "Local Storage", we are currently working through MySQL issues but expect these to return successfully within the next few hours!

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