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    problem in start service 2003

    and how are you ebery one in webhosting talk

    i have windows 2003
    and i setup service
    but when i try start back stop

    i hope one help

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    Look into your event viewer for any errors. That might help you narrow down the problem.


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    Nothng in eveent viwer

    can you contact with me

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    event viwer this is error only
    The ************** Advance Server service entered the stopped state.

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    i wait <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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    Best answer is to dig the server logs... It should be recorded somewhere in the logs... either under application or system category...

    also please check and ensure that you have all the dependency pacakges and services installed and running... And as WHRSS as quoted above... the most important point to ensure that

    "Make sure that the user has enough permissions to that program."

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