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    Does anyone know how to issue a Purchase Order?

    One of my clients just sent a correspondence informing me that they must obtain a purchase order when they use services or purchase products. If I don't obtain a written purchase order they won't continue with utilizing my services (they use web hosting) from me. Does anyone know how to issue one or use WHMCS to get it issued? Possibly explain what this is?
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    Huh... where am I again?

    A purchase order is similar to an invoice, but the customer/client sends that to the provider/seller and not the other way around. It basically means "I will be buying this from your at x amount." They would need to send this to you and you would just file it under their account and reference it on invoices.

    Perhaps though they are wanting a invoice instead, which WHMCS should already provide?
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    I'll have to contact them directly, makes very little sense.

    I do consultation / development for them on a monthly basis which I send out via FreshBooks and charge hourly.

    They also receive webhosting from me under my company name.
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    Purchase Order or PO that we call it in business is sent by buyer to supplier to confirm that they are ordering purchase of such and such products or services. You need to get it clarified from your client.

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    Purchase Order for webhosting is a new one to me its normally used for goods of high value or within the import/export business thats where I used them...

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    I thought the buyer would normally create the purchase order. However you might take a look at this:
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    Buyers are supposed to create purchase orders, not the seller. Basically it's like an offer for them to accept x of your goods or services at y price and you as the seller have the option to sign and accept the offer.

    Are they sending them to you and you aren't signing them and sending the order forms back? Otherwise, maybe they mean invoice and you are blocked by the spam filter. If this is an important client it couldn't hurt to call them a lot of important information gets lost in email.

    Or . . . maybe they want you to send a proposal/quote since they are shopping around for a lower price or new supplier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reddem0n View Post
    I'll have to contact them directly, makes very little sense.
    This is quite common with B2B transactions.

    When your customer told you that he needs to get a PO, he probably meant "I need to get a PO ... from our accounting / purchasing department." Not from YOU, but from someone at his side.

    A PO is also frequently used as a generic objection. It can clue you in that there's something causing the customer to want to buy from someone other than you.
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