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    help regarding about

    help regarding about

    Recently i order Kimsufi server form reseller

    now i get this e-mail

    Dear Customer,

    Congratulations! Your dedicated server has just been installed!

    It is Windows 2008 Server Web Edition operating system.
    This system is based on 64 bits technology.
    IP address:
    Server name:
    (it make take up to 48 hours for the name to be active)


    The root account has been configured as follows (access to server via Terminal Server or SSH):
    - User name: root
    - Password: passxxxx

    i have some quires please clear it i am newbie i goolge it but can't find right answer

    i know that this dedi have window server web edition install can i operate form my Firefox browser how i able to connect to my machine and how i can use terminal Server or SSH pleas write tool name .... i heard about putty in linux it is also useful in window box it is possible to use like remote desktop

    this is my first time previous i was used Remote desktop
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    Good question
    That email is a bit silly, lol.

    Either way, use Administrator as the username, the given pass as the pass for RDP.

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    Use Remote Desktop
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    You cannot use SSH on a windows server, that's a mistake from your host.
    Fully Managed Services

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    If you install an SSH server on the server you can (Obviously needs to be setup probably with RDP), Google brings up

    Hope that helps
    Kind Regards
    Christopher Smith

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    OVH creates an account named root (besides Administrator) on their Windows servers so the information is actually correct, just use Terminal services/Remote desktop to connect.

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    Thanks for this help....
    i was confused this information is RDP

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