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    K.I.S.S your servers this year

    Hello WHTians,

    We, WebHostRepo Software Solutions (a.k.a WHR) are here to provide our customers a special package as part of our 2nd anniversary celebrations.

    Keep It Safe and Secure (K.I.S.S) is an add-on plan we will be providing as a free service with our shared plans with the below features.

    * PCI Compliant Dedicated servers.

    Note: Not recommended for shared hosts as this involves a lot of process which can't be implemented in shared servers.

    However we can fully secure a shared server after analyzing the applications running on it.

    * Full server audit, security check and OS, Apache, MySQL, SQL tweaks.

    We have our own unique way to perform server audits and fine tune OS, Apache, MySQL and SQL services based on your server's resource and current usage (including memory, CPU, bandwidth, accounts) stats.

    This also covers installing/configuring anti-DDOS and anti-spamming packages (base level) which is compatible with your OS and control panel.

    Below are the shared plans that are eligible for the above add-on service.

    Linux Server Management Plan 1

    Windows Server Management Plan 1

    VPS Owner Plan

    For more details, please contact our Sales Team

    Note: All requests will be answered within 48 hours.

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