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    Quote Originally Posted by troboy View Post
    In case of whois, there is no such privacy.
    Thanks for your response I appreciate it
    Obviously, I'm not saying the actual whois data. But many of the 'reputable' web sites don't show others what I am searching.

    For example: I want to see if a domain name that I plan to register already exists such as I used your tool, found no results for it, and go to a registrar to register it. In the meantime, is on the front page of your site, and someone else beats me to it.

    It's a completely useless feature to have, and adds absolutely nothing to your site.
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    nice design, simple. like that
    - do it your self.

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    This is by far the most Clean looking whois finder I have EVER seen. I replaced the bookmark I currently had for whois with this site. Awesome job man!

    -Kaleb Lewis
    Support Tech

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    The site scrolls on 1024 x 768 resolution screens. Maybe try sizing the site width to 960px or making it fluid width at least.
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