At Blue Light Host we offer self-managed, high-specification Cloud VMs at very low cost. Order your cloud server through our website now and be online in minutes with scalability, 100% uptime and better performance than a VPS or Dedicated Server. Our contact email is for any questions.

Key Benefits
* High performance SANs, with SSD auto-tiering
* High-availability, reliable service
* No additional charge for Windows licenses
* Better pricing and performance than VPS/Dedicated Servers
* UK Hosting
* 100% Juniper network

Take a look at our website for a list of [URL="">FAQs</URL> or contact us with any queries not covered.

What are the benefits of [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Blue Light Host[/COLOR] Cloud Technology?
Our Blue Light Host Cloud technology gives the ability to seamlessly move your server between physical equipment, upgrade/downgrade at short notice with no disruption, and have complete control over the server environment.

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