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    Google AdSense won't approve my application for 3 moths

    I submitted my application in Google ad sense, and it has been 3 moths and still Google says that my account is under review. I think, the problem is that, when i was asked to register my primary domain name i gave one domain which is still unused. I haven't set up the site, but it was registered well over 6 moths prior to my application. Is there anything i can do to get my application sooner?


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    I personally have had my Adsense account for around 7 or 8 years so almost certainly the application process has changed, but from what I remember Google wanted to see a working website and the content on it. So a non working domain may have hindered your application.

    Have you tried contacting Google's support, to find out what is happening with your application?

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    So you gave Google the url to an unused site? They aren't going to approve anything that has zero content.

    Thats the entire purpose of the review.
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    Yea, i guess it makes sense to say that, they purpose of the review was to see how the content of the site. So, how do i change it, because i have other working sites?

    @PingRapid - Can you give me a link to the page of the contacts regarding this specific issue. Because, i know they have many mails i just want to find the one that specifically related to my problem.

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    If nothing works, open a new google account and submit new application. I had similar problems, but they approved my application pretty quick the second time.

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    Google most prefer to working site packed with good quality and unique content. It is mentioned in its criteria for Google adsense account. You should check that your URL is matching with all requirements for adsense account or not. Then again can apply for new account.

    Complete criteria for approval adsense account is here:

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    that's funny, they obviously wouldn't accept a website which doesn't exist into their network, you should buy that domain, add some pages with unique content and they will accept you (usually within less than 3 days). Be sure to read their TOS since they are very strict about the quality of the website (ad placement within the website). Many people have been banned because of not reading properly the rules of Adsense.

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    Thanks Everyone SPECIALLY ivedtara, as soon as i heard saw your answer i made a new account and BELIEVE IT OR NOT Got my adsense approved in 2 hours. I mean, how crazy is that??? the old one ( One without website ) is still un approved and i got this on in three hours!!! - It's is already approved as of today and placed the banners on the site.

    and thanks Philip for the link about the adsense rules

    ivedtara you saved my life/

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    may be now google need a domain with at least 6 months old to accept your application.

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    Thanks Sam, but as i said, Ad-sense approved my account in just 2 hours. After, i created another fully working website with articles.

    thanks anyway.

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    Make sure you have quality content, or at least coherent, non-gibbish content that are actually beneficial to readers. Make a site where regular reader want to stay on and browse. More interesting content = more time spent browsing more pages = more clicks.

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