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    Proaxxs management service. Review. Thumbs UP!

    It happened so that I needed to find someone to manage my VPS (scripts, web applications and other stuff - no web sites). I had had several chats with freelancers (perhaps they were former web hosting companies’ employees). But was scared of opportunity they disappear one day. So I decided to hire company not freelancer. Then I asked guys here at WHT to help me in finding good place to order such a service. Someone recommended to use proaxxs server management service and I decided to give them a try because of the reasonable pricing and because they are company, which can give me some guarantees.

    I must say that they have exceeded my expectations. They respond very quickly. And they have been doing whatever I need and whenever I need that on my server. That is enough to send them request and get fast response and get the task done.

    The things I like about them are:

    - they keep an eye on my server all the time (most likely 24/7). Because when I see an issue - I report to them and they reply that they are already working on that !!!! So they knew about that early then me. Sometimes they report that issue was fixed, in spit of that fact that I were not aware of that or even not noticed that. So they are proactive in this matter.

    - they know how to use your server and get the best performance from it. When I “tried” to manage my VPS myself I saw some parts of my web applications working slowly. They make everything working a bit faster!

    I do not have any web hosting related services from them - only management. And I’m pleased to get such care. I can imagine which level of service getting their clients which have web hosting and management from them.

    I am fully-satisfied and highly recommend them for server management.

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    Glad to hear a positive review of a company they seem to be taking care of you. Make sure to update us down the road so potential clients can see what they will get.

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    It's always nice to see a positive review on WHT. I've worked with them in the past and I was very pleased with the results. I don't like to post reviews before at least six months or so, but if they keep it up they'll be getting a very positive review in a few more months!

    Proaxxs seems to be one of the "sleeper" companies on WHT. You really don't read much about them, but they give very good service. I don't think I've ever seen a poor review of them.

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    Thanks for the review Muller, it's greatly appreciated!

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    You too floor9 - Thanks for the kind words! And glad we have lived up to your expectations - Looking forward to your review!

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