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    Miami Cabinet Takeover


    A non-profit project I am working for is on the verge of failing (I am long waiting on decisions from upper management about deployment of the structure, and they are not being responsive), so before it does so, I'm trying to put things straight and transfer the contracts (with no past dues, they're all up to date and paid for).

    Specs are:
    48U Cabinet ($395)
    30A/120V (single feed) ($360)
    2x copper cross-connects ($125 each)
    Subtotal US$ 1005/month
    Remaining contract until July 2014.

    If you want to take over the bandwidth contracts:
    Tier 2 Carrier #1 (main): US$ 150/month, 50Mbps commit on a GigE 95th %, $3/meg extra, excellent bandwidth blend - july 2012
    Tier 2 Carrier #2 (backup): US$ 150/month, 10Mbps commit on a GigE 95th %, $25/meg extra, also good bandwidth blend - july 2012
    Transport to Terremark is also cheap (sub $1/meg already with Terremark XC included, on a GigE; and sub $0.30/meg also with XC included, on 10GE).

    On transfer you'll need to provide your own insurance certificate, as it is a Coresite requirement.

    Location is Coresite Miami, 2115 NW 22nd Street, Miami FL 33131.
    Remote hands from multiple people/companies are easy and relatively cheap.

    I can sell also equipment that is there inside the cabinet, as a Cisco 6509, so you can jump start...
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    Nice looks like a deal! Toll Free: 1-844-Servers
    Dedicated Servers at wholesale prices Vpn, Vps, Cdn and Cloud Friendly.
    Only SuperMicro and Dell Intel XEON Powered Servers.
    Unmetered Dedicated Premium Bandwidth Nlayer / GTT

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