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    It is very hard to get approved in Dmoz.
    I tried to list my websites few times,but there is no editor for that category in begining.Someone became editor few months ago and my websites are not listed yet.I suspect that the main reason is competition ...
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    free directory submission is better then paying. inclusion takes time of 2,3 months.
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    Directory Submission will take time for its approval.Moreover some may delete your post for not following webmaster guidelines.
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    Directory submission definitely helps the website to get ranking. But there are certain question which are arising -

    How many of the links were actually approved?
    Does the search engines (ex Google) indexed those approved links. Unless they index you will not observe the ranking difference.
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    With $35 you can probably get 3000 submissions. It would take weeks, if not months, to get approved, most don't even approve your submissions. But having a bit of domain diversity wouldn't hurt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BORIStheBLADE View Post
    A couple of weeks ago I wanted to see how paying for directory submission works and what it would do for me. I didn't spend a lot I spent $35.00 on 300 subs.

    I received the report about a weeks ago and today looked on my webmasters page and didn't see any additional links to my site. They should show up there right? After the company submits them how long are those links there for? Basically I can't seem to find any of these links.

    Stupid question.... Directory subs help with serps right?

    Yes they help ... but it can take from 1 day up to 3 month to see some effect ( see the backlinks ). This is only the case if there is no fraud ( showing you the links but removing them after 30 days )
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    Be wary of companies offering directory submissions to hundreds of sites. you could find yourself penalized by Google/Bing for doing it? Why? Well if your site is on a giant directory of "unrelated" sites, then it's more SPAM directory than anything else. The directories your site is listed on would need to specifically target your niche.

    Read the SE stuff at Google -- they specifically mention about staying away from "bad neighborhoods" :-)
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    We have found that 'targeted' directory submissions can help rankings. i.e.; post only on relevant, ranking directories. However, 300 for $35- sounds like link farm spam. Just the type of thing that the latest Google algorithm is penalizing.
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    I have started doing directory submissions almost 7 days back and covered 80 directories so far. I have got few approvals as well and few backlinks too. The only thing with this activity is you need to have good database and lot of patience to go with it. You surely get benefits with directories provided you are ready to wait.
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