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    RSS feed Creation

    any easy way to RSS Feeds creation and i know feed burner is the best but any other details you have so please provide me. in advance thank you.
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    Feedburner is best for strengthening pre-existing feeds and making them more stable and universal.

    For mashing together various feeds into a new feed, there is a useful tool called Feed Informer you can research.
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    719 may be good alternative for RSS feed Creation. But I want to suggest you for feed burner only.
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    There are lots of tools available for rss feed creation. Some of them are really effective tool those are listed bellow:
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    There are lots of web services who can provide you RSS creation services for free but matter is that what you really want to do and how you can really make this service effective to use.Yahoo pipe can help you in this.Use it as RSS aggregator and some other functions.It's really effective service.
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    Thank you for all my friend's for a good reply about RSS feed.
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    Yes RSS is just plain text in XML format. You can use PHP or another server-side scripting language to create the XML and save it in your site's web root as rss.xml for example, then link to that file as your RSS feed.
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