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I'm not actively pursuing new clients. I've cut way back on advertising and taking on new work by referral only. ... I'm not scaling back, but I'm not busting my butt to increase business either. ... I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm looking to let the business fade gracefully into the sunset without selling it off or letting it crash and burn
Given this information, I'd look at adding a reseller account from a good reseller host. My current preference for reseller hosting is Stablehost and Stream101, both of whom have proven to be excellent.

If I were you, I'd still migrate away from the EIG host. At very least, complain that you're overpaying. Paying $90 for a small VPS is absolutely retarded -- that's just not even reasonable. What control panel is currently running on there? Given that it's a VPS, it could likely be migrated without much effort, to a higher-quality managed provider.