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    Install or extract PHP files ?


    There is often tow choices to download PHP files, either zipped or executable (.exe).
    I would like to know if there is any difference or effects between extracting PHP files in C:\PHP or installing it (by the .exe) in C/Program files\PHP ?
    Does the one or other method needs any particular cautions or considerations in the use of PHP-based programs?

    Thank you

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    I would recommend you install php with auto installer. sometime getting problem with zip file and drivers not update properly and that's the reason php script not excute properly.

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    Much of this depends on how the server is setup.
    If you use a Plesk based Windows server, installing PHP the "normal" way would be a huge mistake.
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    I prefer using the exe version. The built-in MSI technology will automate the installation and provide optional configuration choices. But do make sure the version you are using is supported by your control panel. Most problems can be solved with some minor tweaks and editing of ini file. Its all well documented.

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    Install PHP from Web Platform Installer.
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    If you would like to learn about the php setup and trouble shoot some popular issues, manual installation is recommended.

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