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    Please review IQnection's new hosting site

    Before we go live, please give us your feedback to our new hosting site! We've been in the hosting business since 2000, but have been using internal-created software to manage the hosting until now. We are making the switch to WHMCS.

    Custom additions/modifications to WHMCS:
    - Fusemail integration (written internally)
    - Custom server stats page pulling stats from Nagios (written internally)
    - Numerous Design & Layout customizations
    - PowerDNS integration (using the available plugin)
    - Affiliates page - we're offering 35%/mo for life for shared hosting.
    - Remote Assistance
    - Live Chat features

    We are also planning on rolling out:
    - Testing XenServer provisioning from Servarica (not in production yet)

    - IQnection Hosting Team

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    Any thoughts on the site?

    How about the server status page:


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    I like it, looks really professional and clean.

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    Thanks for taking a look!

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    Overall I like the design. The footer is a bit strange though, with the different font types and the links are all over the place.

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    Good layout. Easy to find information.

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