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    Post HOW TO: Install IonCube Loader

    There will be a time when you need IonCube loader in order to run PHP scripts encoded with IonCube. So here's a quick guide which will tell you how to install IonCube loader using SHELL.
    • Root Shell Access to your server.
    • Download the loader suitable for your server from here:
    • Unpack the binary file by using this command tar -zxvf ioncube_loaders.tar.gz (Change the ioncube_loaders.tar.gz to the file name appropriate for your server)
    • After extracting it will create a folder called ioncube. Now use this command: cd ioncube
    • Copy ioncube-install-assistant.php to a web directory by typing this command cp ioncube-install-assistant.php /home/userdirectoryhere/www
    • Visit that file by going to
    • And you should see something like below (depends on your server and configurations):

    PHP Version 4.3.3
    Operating System Linux
    Threaded PHP No
    php.ini file /usr/local/lib/php.ini
    Required Loader
    • Go back to where you extracted the ioncube folder by using cd..
    • Now move the ioncube folder in a safe and permanent location by using command: mv ioncube /usr/local
    • Now edit the php.ini file for example: pico /usr/local/lib/php.ini
    • Look for [zend] by typing CTRL + W and typing [zend]
    • Paste the following line under [zend], zend_extension = /usr/local/ioncube/
    • Press CTRL + X, type Y and press Enter.
    • Restart the server by typing: /etc/init.d/httpd restart
    • Your installation is done.

    *If you have Zend Optimizer installed then put the ioncube loader line before the Zend Optimizer line, else you will receive any error.

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    thanks this is old but very useful.
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    Thanks and I must agree with bokoNet

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    Great info


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    Alternatively, you could simply log in to cPanel through WHM(http://IPHERE:2086/" and then press "EasyApache" and then when you rebuild it, simply enable IonCube Loader.

    Its really as simple as that!

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    Thanks, usefull.

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    wow thank you very much

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    This is pretty old and make sure you all are you using and not 4.3 .

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    Quote Originally Posted by PogiWeb View Post
    This is pretty old and make sure you all are you using and not 4.3 . for 64bit OS for 32bit OS

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    Quote Originally Posted by servermonster-ltd View Post for 64bit OS for 32bit OS

    Thats incorrect and the 5.3 will work with a 32bit OS. Why do you think they include it in the 32bit download?

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    thank great information.. keep updating

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    thanks for the helpful guide.. keep posting

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    Keep getting this error. If anyone can help it be wonderful.

    Please note that the following problem currently exists with the ionCube Loader installation:

    The loader file /var/chroot/home/content/66/10364366/html/ioncube/, listed in the configuration file, /home/content/66/10364366/html/php5.ini, does not exist or is not accessible.

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    Thank you buddy.

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    Thank you Men.

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    thats very useful information about steps for using ion-cube loader.

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