About Syslint :
Syslint Technologies provide 24x7 Linux Server Management and webs hosting support since 2008. Our Directadmin and cPanel Server management start from 10$/Month, you only need to pay as you need support. You will get our professional panel and directadmin plugins as free of cost with every server management plan.

1) cPanel / Directadmin Support 10$/Month

  • 24x7 help desk support
  • Support all cPanel issues
  • Get cPnginx Turbo boost plugin free of cost ( worth 5$/ Month )
  • Get cPremote remote incremental backup plugin free of cost ( worth 5$ / Month )
  • Get Danginx plugins for your directadmin server
  • Server Software Update & Maintenance
  • Server Stabilization Program
  • Firewall Configuration,
  • Third party php script installations .
  • Free Plugin installations etc,

Read More about cPanel Support http://syslint.com/cPanel-Server-Management
Read More Directadmin Support : http://syslint.com/DirectAdmin-Server-Management

1) Help Desk Support ( Unlimited Tickets Plan) From 50$/Month

Helpdesk support offers you 24x7 support for your end-client helpdesk system. This is an unlimited ticket plan based on per server management. We will take care of the helpdesk tickets opened by your customers.
Read More about Help Desk Support

2) Semi Dedicated Team ( Unlimited Server Plan) From 300$/Month

Semi dedicated plan is an unlimited server plan. The plan offers you 24x7 support coverage with same support team working everyday.
This plan start from 300$ as follows,
Monthly price - 300 $ ( For 10 tickets per day )
Monthly price - 500 $ ( For 20 tickets per day )
Monthly price - 1000$ (For 30 tickets per day )

Read More about Help Desk Support http://syslint.com/Semi-Dedicated-Support