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    urgent need dedicated windows web host

    hello, need immediate windows webhost

    Web host Specs requirements:
    Windows 2003 or 2008 sp1 32 bit standard
    Sql 2005 or 2008
    Bandwidth 1tb / month
    Free installation
    No hidden fees
    Full support service 24/7
    Low end dedicated server (budget$60-80)
    Ram 4gb

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    Maybe stating the obvious here but have you looked in the offers section ?

    also for you budget it will have to be VERY low end and as the cost of licencing Windows and SQL will be alot.

    Good luck with your search

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    SQL 2005 or 2008 alone is in the $50 ranges.
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    You can use this link to request quote from hosting providers.
    Your budget is too low for high quality service. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    I fully agree. Your budget may be enough for VPS Windows hosting, bot not for Dedicated one. Maybe your could start with VPS server and later to upgrade to Dedicated hosting.

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    I presume as your budget is in dollars you are looking for a US based server? Would MsSQL Express work ok instead of the full versions? If so that would work better for your lower end budget!

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    Go with a VPS, it'll save you money because a dedicated server may be overkill for you
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    Just like all suggestions above, vps is what you needed with the budget for quality service. You will hardly get a dedi server.

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    Yes, I dont think you can get dedicated hosting with your budget. You should increase your budget.

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    If you have your own licenses you can probably get a clearance server

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    Ask somebody like Leaseweb or EuroVPS what they may have available on clearance. A lot of hosts have "door stop" servers that they'll gladly plug back into a rack if a customer is willing to pay for it.
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